Tambo: An Elepant Adventure

Melanie Kordsmeier

About the Author

Melanie Kordsmeier has been a middle school teacher for twenty years. Married for thirty-five years, she and her husband have three children.

Tambo’s story was written for Melanie’s five grandchildren and for young children all over the world to teach them about the threat that animals face from poachers in the wild.

Kordsmeier lives in Conway, Arkansas.

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About the Book

Enjoy and have fun with Tambo’s unforgettable adventures.

This is a story about a young elephant named Tambo, who wanders too far from her herd in search of a beautiful butterfly. When she realizes she is lost, she tries to find her way back to her herd, only to be caught in a poacher’s trap. Oh no! Who will help Tambo now?

Join Tambo and her adventures in finding her way back home.

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