TAMBO: An Elephant Adventure

Month: May 2018

elephant tourism
The Nature of Elephant Tourism
May 30, 2018 Melanie Kordsmeier

Cruel captive elephants tourism In this technologically savvy generation, many tourists would converge in different areas of the world that elephants inhabit because they ride on and take pictures of themselves with these irresistible creatures while others make elephants paint and do other tricks. Through these, people in certain areas make use of the poor …

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elephant habitat
The Elephant Habitat
May 23, 2018 Melanie Kordsmeier

Compilation of various elephant habitat facts and history The largest mammals on earth, elephants, are like humans because they feed, sleep, look for their own food, and strive to survive. In most factual records, elephants have two main species: the African and the Asian. Although both are under the same mammalian name, they possess physical …

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