TAMBO: An Elephant Adventure

Month: July 2018

illegal trade of elephant's ivory tusks
A Brief Look at the History of the Ivory Trade
July 25, 2018 Melanie Kordsmeier

How illegal ivory trade decimated Africa’s elephant population 1500–1800 In the 1400s, Portuguese navigators started exploring the West African coastline and soon entered the profitable ivory trade. They were followed by other European sailors, explorers, and travelers. After discovering ivory, the traders became hunters. But as the demand escalated, the population of elephants close to …

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wildlife rescue and rehabilitation for elephants
Saving Elephants—an Integral part of WWF’s wildlife conservation plans
July 18, 2018 Melanie Kordsmeier

Solution for elephants’ fast depleting population: WWF’s wildlife rescue and rehabilitation activities set to reverse the trend Due to the high demand for ivory, poaching is on the rise in Africa, which is a great threat for the elephant population of that region. Though that problem isn’t that severe in Asia, elephants in Asia are …

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