PETA Encourages Steps for Elephant Care

Help save elephants: How you can stop elephant abuse and cruelty with small steps

elephant care - help save elephants

Not many people know that elephants are one of the globe’s most sensitive and intelligent animals that possess both self‐awareness and empathy. Yet it’s sad that elephant care isn’t given much thought in circuses or agencies that organize elephant treks. The species face an additional danger due to a growing global demand for ivory, which has caused a spurt in their poaching.

Though several saving elephants foundations have been set up and run around the world, together with efforts by PETA to raise awareness, care for, and rehabilitate captive elephants, there’s still need for common people to come forward and take steps to help save elephants. Though doing active duty for elephant conservation or donating money may not suit all, there are some small steps that can encourage proper elephant care.

Saying no to activities that need torturing, beating, or forcing elephants is one step that PETA emphasizes upon. By staying away from elephant treks and other tourism activities that exploit elephants, people can stop these wild animals’ abuse and unfair treatment.

Saying no to films and other media capturing captive elements or encouraging their abuse is another small step to encourage the tuskers’ proper care. Refusing to buy ivory items is yet another thing which can have a serious impact on the dwindling animal population worldwide.

Apart from these steps, people can also encourage their friends, family, and colleagues to join them in their effort to ensure better elephant treatment. Unless this becomes a mass movement and people are made aware of how their apathy is steadily decimating the elephant population worldwide, there won’t be much hope left for these beautiful giants.

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