TAMBO: An Elephant Adventure

Month: May 2019

Firebombs at elephants
Firebombs at elephants – What happened in India
May 31, 2019 Melanie Kordsmeier

The shocking incident when villagers firebomb elephants In India, elephants have been considered as a cultural icon for centuries. Unfortunately, these days, the giant mammals are being considered as pests by a large number of civilians and farmers. This was proved once again when a mob of people threw firebombs at elephants and calf. Recently, …

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Are elephants really afraid of mice
Are elephants really afraid of mice – Finding the truth
May 24, 2019 Melanie Kordsmeier

Reviewing elephant cognition and their true fear of mice It’s a widely known fact that the intelligence of elephants belongs to the highest level among that of land animals. Despite this fact, there’re a lot of myths around these gentle giants that can easily leave someone speechless. One of the biggest and most popular one …

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